Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

FemGas Attack!

You may have noticed that my TG captions are shorter than many others. This is by design. Just allows for people to decide between the full stories that others tell, and my quick caps.

Supergirl Becomes Superslut

This is a little bit of writing I did some time ago. I've been pondering the sequel that would find Superman in a similar, sluttier situation.


Kara had been quite busy. With Superman off-world dealing with Darkseid, she had volunteered to fill in as guardian of Metropolis.

The Maiden of Might had her hands full with the usual group of slugs who believed themselves immune to, or considered themselves too lowly for her attentions. She wasn't quite sure how Clark managed to handle it all AND maintain a secret identity as well. But she flew on to the next problem spot.

A throng of people blocked the street by the LexCorp Global Headquarters. Some with concerned looks, others simply screaming "Jump". The object of their attention was a woman on the eighth floor ledge. As Supergirl came into range, the woman stepped from the ledge and plummeted toward the ground. Within a blink of an eye, the superheroine had collected the woman and landed her safely on the sidewalk.

"Thank you," the woman began, "I don't know what I could have been thinking. Could I give you a hug?"

Supergirl was well used to this type of appreciative gesture by now and accepted it gratefully. At this point, the woman attached a small blue gem to the back of Kara's neck. Another cry for help reached Kara's ears and away she flew before she realized that she had been tagged.

Never wear magic panties to bed.

A little TG caption warning....

Sarge gets sexy.

Another TG caption for fun.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Panty Hypnosis

Watch it again and again and again and you'll never take your panties off.

My Panty Hypnosis Flash (It is now available at a more reliable link.)

Don't blame me if it changes you forever.

Pentagram Panties

Here's one for the TG caption fans out there.

You know how to make it bigger, don't you?

And my namesake...

The luscious Lisa Ann, porn star extraordinaire. This woman should be the prototype for every woman on the planet. How hot is she?

Tough to find a pic where she was actually still in her panties though.

Ooo, this makes my panties sticky.

I finally decided to get off my bubble butt and show off my passion for panties. Love 'em!

Hope you all enjoy taking a peek. As long as I'm here, I'm gonna show a favorite panty pic. She is so amazingly hot. Just wish I could look this great in a few years. Yum!

Check back for more later.


Here are some more of my sexy panties...