Monday, June 25, 2012

Asian Massage

I had started the day off like I do every Saturday… some chores in the backyard. Since my backyard is so private, I usually slip into my little pink string bikini for this. You may not think that usual unless I told you that I am a 43 year old, slightly overweight male.

Once the chores were done, I showered up and headed out for some errands. Along the way, I spotted a new place on Main Street. The sign simply read "Asian Massage". I decided to give it a try. Maybe even have one of those sweet young things walk on my back. After wearing that bikini all morning, I might even enjoy a happy ending.

The place was nondescript enough in the lobby. I waited a few seconds for the older woman at the counter to acknowledge me. There was a sign that let me know about the grand opening special, $50 an hour. I handed her the fee and she showed me to one of the darkened massage rooms. She told me to get comfortable and one of the girls would be in soon.

I got undressed and laid face down on what was a very comfortable massage table. Even seemed to be heated. A little hand towel was provided as a drape. I pushed it to one side. It'd be gone soon enough anyway.

Not more than a few seconds later, after a slight knock at the door, a tiny Asian woman came into the room. She was very beautiful with long, dark hair cascading around her shoulders. She wore a white wrap that tied at the waist… and ended just slightly below that.

She didn't say a word as she poured oil into her hand and walked to the side of the table. But as she was about to put the oil on my back she let out a slight giggle. "Oh, wrong oil." she said as she went back over to the corner table. She grabbed a different bottle from the warmer and checked it. She returned to my side and poured the oil onto my back. After setting the bottle down, she started to rub the oil into my skin. I was instantly relaxed at her touch. It was amazing.

"You like tan lines?" she said. 

"Um, yeah, I guess." It seemed an odd question. Then it hit me, I was wearing the bikini in the backyard for about an hour. I must have a perfect outline of my bikini on my back and ass. My mind was in a panic, but my body just continued to relax.

Every muscle in my back seemed to be softening. As she worked her way down my legs, the same effect. Then she started to work my glutes, and it was though she were resculpting them as she worked.

Soon, she whispered in my ear that it was time to turn over. It hardly seemed possible that it had been a half hour, but in my haze I realized I may have dozed off. As I started to turn, my hair fell over my face. Hmmm, that's odd… didn't think it had gotten that long. Best hit the barber shop after this.

I looked up at my little Asian doll, she looked at me and smiled a beautiful smile as she walked to the head of the table. She gently massaged my face. I could smell a sweet flower, but couldn't place it. 

With a bit more oil in her hands, she continued down to my chest. That same relaxing feeling overtook me. This girl's hands were magic. It seemed as though my chest was swelling with her rubs. Probably just my imagination. She worked her way back to my side and started rubbing my rib cage. It felt as though I had suddenly lost about 50 pounds though, cause my stomach seemed to have shrunken to nothing. She continued to work her amazing skills down both legs and arms.

She then started working her way around my lower abdomen. Apparently there wouldn't be a negotiation, it was just on to the happy ending. But then she stopped. My groggy eyes opened enough to see her unwrap her little robe and drop it to the floor. She was naked underneath and had an amazing body. She slowly climbed up onto the table and hovered over me with her beautiful gaze.

"You want me finish?"

"Yes, plea…" was all I could manage. Her hand went to my crotch as she started massaging my cock. But after a few seconds, something changed. I could feel her fingers… but they were inside me. My… pussy. It was then that the orgasm hit. My entire body shuddered as she continued her invasion of my new folds.

I was just calming down from the orgasm when she leaned down and kissed me on the mouth.

She whispered to me again. "Here's all you need to know. Your name is Min. You can't speak any English anymore. But you understand men's commands just fine. You are now one of the house girls."

I had a vague sense of movement as she was speaking. Maybe it had happened before, I'm not really sure.

Suddenly, I was in the shower with her. She was rubbing my body with soap. Wait, was she taller than me now? But I'm over six feet, she couldn't be more than… oooh when she rubbed my nipples. It made my boobies tingle. My boo…?

"Whatever client asks for, you give them with smile on face."

Now she was drying me with the softest towel I ever felt. Another girl (when did she get here?) was blow drying my long, black hair.

"House mama gets half of all tips to pay for your rent and food."

Oh look, she's wrapping me in a little outfit just like hers. It's such a pretty pale lavender color.

"Your first client ready. Go in now."

Look at my tiny little hand opening that big door. Oh and there is a man lying there on his back. His cock looks so big. 

"You must be Min. The mamasan was right, you are a hot little number. Look I don't have a lot of time today. So lose the robe, climb up here and let me fuck that tight little body of yours."

Wait, what did he just say to me? I'm not a prostitute. I'm a man. But why am I taking off the robe? Why am I climbing up on the table. No wait, I can't be lowering myself down on this guy's cock! No, stop!! Nooooo… ah that feels so good.


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